As soon as you receive your first salary you spend it on knick-knacks, parties or you don’t even remember what. But what you don’t forget is what happens after those first wages: you get into debt, overspend and lose control of money.
I was known in the internet world as So and my job is to make you regain that control, that you know finally! what mission has every penny that you earn in your life and how to free yourself from the “I don’t know how to make it reach my money” forever.

How did I get to know what to do with the money?
Confessions ahead, I grew up believing that money was a mysterious thing that decided who to go with and who not to. He never chose me.

I lived some deficiencies in my childhood and youth. Fortunately not serious, but enough to understand that you had to learn to manage money if you wanted to achieve something in life.
Money does not give happiness, but neither debt nor scarcity!

So I learned not to get into debt, to save and plan what I do with my money but without stinginess, because I don’t know about you, but I came to this world to enjoy myself.

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